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                Great to hear you on the list! Your KA2AON node is high on my priority list. I am trying to get gear to connect to your node on 220 from NC2C (time is mostly the limitation). The link to WA2EMO seems to be a problem with the transmitter on their end. That sites hears KA2AON just fine and can even sometimes connect to you. Jay KC2TCM is the WA2EMO Node sysop and it working on getting to the site to troubleshoot. I will let you know when I get a radio on the NC2C site and see how it works. This should come up on your 220 port that used to link to K2JFK.


Yes the K2JFK site needs to be removed from the maps and the W2QYT site as well. I will take care of that on the next revisions. Jay does have all the hardware from the W2QYT site if we can find a willing ham or suitable location to host that (Near Auburn). If we can find a host the link is still up and running at the WA2EMO end so it should link to the west if we can get a good location. 


Do you know if there are any antennas on the tower aimed towards Watertown that we might be able to revive a link using?


Rusty KE2PW is working with the state to finish activating a node near Bristol which should replace the old K2CAN node.


I am working with the Putnam Club to fix things at the K2PUT node site in Putnam County.


The Little Falls JNOS site K1YMI for not is linked in to the Cherry Valley nodes NC2C on one of the backbone ports. I believe he is working on a user port as well. We have his BBS working with our regional BBS’s for mail forwarding and white pages sharing. If there are others on this list that operate a BBS system we should link up and establish local/regional mail and bulletin forwarding and test to make sure it works as we expect.


Thank you,

Brian Webster N2KGC – Otsego County RACES Officer, ARES EC - Catskills District



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Yes there is a node in Oswego County and we have had an ear out to find a link to the Syracuse area.  Our main node is KA2AON and that is linked to EMO Wayne and the Oswego County EMO, K2QQY.  We are currently waiting for the County to decide whether or not we will get  space on their new tower or nort. The node equipment belong to the County and therefore must stay on County property.

K2JFK is a SK.  Not sure of the W2QYT site.

Years ago we had a link to Watertown but that went away in the early 2000’s.


I have recently assumed the position of Radio Officer for the County and am trying to re-invigorate our digital systems and am glad to hear that there are many out there that can help.  If there is any fairly sure sites for linking I need to get that on the proposed site lan before the County makes a firm decision.  As you know, they will only allow licensed climbers be on their tower and so it makes adding links, etc, a time consuming adventure.


Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions and I will push to improve the system.


73  John Darling  K2QQY

RACES RO Oswego County


On Nov 13, 2021, at 2:18 PM, Charles J. Hargrove <n2nov at n2nov.net> wrote:


I don't know which system is able to link to you from CNY, but the last map
that I have from N2KGC shows the CNY ring-hub includes, KA2AON, K2JFK, WA2EMO,
W2QYT, K2QQY. Are any of the sysops from these systems on this list?
There used to be a 220 Mhz channel that linked up to Watertown.

On 11/13/2021 11:28 AM, MITCH wrote:

        I will make time to "come back into the fold" but I need much help.  My skills are nowhere close to most in this email.  I have become a "turn-key" type of guy, meaning if someone builds it and tells me what to buy, I will do so and put Jefferson in the loop.  I know that is not the right answer,  but if it gets us. . both the bigger us meaning those in the group, and us as in Jefferson County,  then I am open.
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On Nov 13, 2021, at 9:29 AM, "Charles J. Hargrove" <n2nov at n2nov.net <mailto:n2nov at n2nov.net>> wrote:
   Here is the scenario for this year's winter projects.  We need people in
   each of the various areas of the state to concentrate on the following:
   WNY - develop links and bbs computers from Chautauqua up to Buffalo and
           then east to Wayne and Broome
   CNY - develop links to WNY, lower tier (Broome) and north to Jefferson
   Capitol - strengthen reach in all four directions
   Hudson Valley - need help on both sides of the Hudson to supplement and
                     replace coverage from Putnam and Westchester
   LI - build out links from Suffolk and Nassau to Westchester and NYC
   NYC - build out reach into LI, NJ, Westchester and Rockland/Orange
   We have 62 counties across the state and need to eventually service the
   various EOCs and NGOs in those counties.  Even if you are not ready for
   RF links, at least set up the bbs and link across the internet using
   44Net.  Experiment there with no downside of making mistakes vs RF.
   When you are ready, then add the RF directional links.  We all have a
   stake in making sure that NY State has the messaging capabilities to
   support our counties, while at the same time providing a training ground
   for our local ham clubs and members.  There are plenty on this list that
   can help with their expertise, provide working examples of bbs software
   configuration and their experience on RF infrastructure.  All you have
   to do is ask.

Charles J. Hargrove - N2NOV
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