[HamGateNY] Winter Projects Redux

Charles J. Hargrove n2nov at n2nov.net
Sat Nov 13 14:18:00 EST 2021

I don't know which system is able to link to you from CNY, but the last map
that I have from N2KGC shows the CNY ring-hub includes, KA2AON, K2JFK, 
W2QYT, K2QQY. Are any of the sysops from these systems on this list?
There used to be a 220 Mhz channel that linked up to Watertown.

On 11/13/2021 11:28 AM, MITCH wrote:
> All,
>          I will make time to "come back into the fold" but I need much 
> help.  My skills are nowhere close to most in this email.  I have become 
> a "turn-key" type of guy, meaning if someone builds it and tells me what 
> to buy, I will do so and put Jefferson in the loop.  I know that is not 
> the right answer,  but if it gets us. . both the bigger us meaning those 
> in the group, and us as in Jefferson County,  then I am open.
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> On Nov 13, 2021, at 9:29 AM, "Charles J. Hargrove" <n2nov at n2nov.net 
> <mailto:n2nov at n2nov.net>> wrote:
>     Here is the scenario for this year's winter projects.  We need people in
>     each of the various areas of the state to concentrate on the following:
>     WNY - develop links and bbs computers from Chautauqua up to Buffalo and
>             then east to Wayne and Broome
>     CNY - develop links to WNY, lower tier (Broome) and north to Jefferson
>     Capitol - strengthen reach in all four directions
>     Hudson Valley - need help on both sides of the Hudson to supplement and
>                       replace coverage from Putnam and Westchester
>     LI - build out links from Suffolk and Nassau to Westchester and NYC
>     NYC - build out reach into LI, NJ, Westchester and Rockland/Orange
>     We have 62 counties across the state and need to eventually service the
>     various EOCs and NGOs in those counties.  Even if you are not ready for
>     RF links, at least set up the bbs and link across the internet using
>     44Net.  Experiment there with no downside of making mistakes vs RF.
>     When you are ready, then add the RF directional links.  We all have a
>     stake in making sure that NY State has the messaging capabilities to
>     support our counties, while at the same time providing a training ground
>     for our local ham clubs and members.  There are plenty on this list that
>     can help with their expertise, provide working examples of bbs software
>     configuration and their experience on RF infrastructure.  All you have
>     to do is ask.

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