[HamGateNY] Long Time, No Talk!

Charles J. Hargrove n2nov at n2nov.net
Sat Nov 13 09:15:56 EST 2021

How has everyone been holding up? Various areas have been slowly
returning to normalcy (not here in NYC). I hear that the Nassau Co
crowd are getting back into the hospital to revive the bbs there.
Let us know how things are with packet bbs activity in your county.
What projects are on the table? What do you need help with? Are there
new neighbors in nearby areas that you want to connect with? We have
K1YMI in Herkimer set up and looking to connect to surrounding areas.
Have you looked through https://wiki.ampr.org/wiki/Main_Page for ideas?
To get things ready for a better year in 2022, the planning starts now.

Charles J. Hargrove - N2NOV
NYC-ARECS/RACES Citywide Radio Officer/Skywarn Coord.

NYC-ARECS/RACES Nets 441.100/136.5 PL
ARnewsline Broadcast Mon. @ 8:00PM
NYC-ARECS Weekly Net Mon. @ 8:30PM

NY-NBEMS Net Saturdays @ 10AM & USeast-NBEMS Net Wednesdays @ 7PM
on 7.036 Mhz USB (alt 3.536)/1500 hz waterfall spot; MFSK-16 or 32

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