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Pretty interesting and coincidentally I was looking at another page from Michigan Ares about Jnos on the pi


This was something I was considering  for my station. It old and needs an update to be useful again. 

I have two totally separate packet stations set up. One for 2M @35w and one for 70cm @15W both feeding copper pipe j/poles on the roof

I have a bunch of computers I keep alive for work so I already have a 3kw UPS and a 11kw backup generator. This station is in Orange County NY FN21uh

Big problem is there is no connection between them or to the internet. It’s time to rebuild them and make it useful. 

Each has a tnc-pi sitting on a pi-b and I’ve been wondering if I should stack the two tnc’s on a single new Faster pi....

I would prefer jnos on a pi

I don’t have a static IP for my internet but it only changes about twice a year. I do have a dynamic dns setup that seems to have worked fine on a web sdr setup for the past few years 

I’d be interested in any guidance for a setup that would make this station useful to the community. 

best regards,

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> On Sep 4, 2019, at 3:37 PM, Charles J. Hargrove <n2nov at n2nov.net> wrote:
> My friend Jay Nugent (WB8TKL) has set up a very informative page on what
> is JNOS and how can it be configured (even on Raspberry Pi computers).
> This is what I have been running since late 1997, first as a DOS window
> on a Win95 PC, then Win98 and then Linux.  Feel free to share this with
> other current/future packet sysops who are not on this mailing list.
> Here is the opening of his webpage http://www.mi-drg.org/jnos.html
> What is JNOS and What Does It Do?
> Well, quite simply, JNOS is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Packet Radio!!! Because it can do just about anything. It's a TCP/IP router, firewall, BBS, SMTP/FTP/WEB server, and talks AX.25, NetROM, and TCP/IP protocols. And it does APRS and WINLINK. Read on....
> Just look at all the things it can do:
> - JNOS is an "Operating System" *NOT* an Application.
> - It acts as a Digipeater and/or a cross-band Digipeater
> - You can uplink and downlink with it using plain old AX.25
> - It contains a BBS "Bulletin Board System"
> - It can have any number of radio interfaces/ports
> - It can act as a File Server (using the "Upload" and "Download" BBS commands, of FTP)
> - It supports the complete TCP/IP protocol suite (Telnet, Finger, FTP, Ping, ARP, SMTP email, POP3 for Email, HTTP web, and anything than will run atop IP)
> - It supports an Ethernet port(s) and can be connected to your LAN or to the Internet
> - It supports NetROM/Knet protocol and can link with NetROM nodes/networks
> - It supports AXUDP links to other systems (such as BPQ nodes)
> - It supports a WINLINK interface to exchange Email with that network.
> - It can be an APRS Digi as well as an Igate.
> - It supports RLI/FBB "Heirarchical" email forwarding.
> - It supports a Network-Wide CONVerse Bridge that supports over 32,000 individual CHAT channels (911 for Emergencies, 411 for Weather events, individual County channels (81), individual District channels (222), and even links to bridges throughout the World)
> - It supports TCP/IP over the top of the AX.25 Link Layer protocol.
> - It supports TCP/IP over the top of the NetROM networks.
> - It supports TCP/IP routing using conventional "ifconfig" and "route" commands
> - It supports IPIP ENCAP (Protocol-4) for easy linking across non-Amateur networks such as the Internet or microwave/mesh networks.
> - It contains IP ACCESS and TCP ACCESS firewall
> - It has built-in detailed HELP files
> - SMTP Email can have multiple recipients
> - SMTP Email can have MIME Attachements
> - It has very robust daily Logging of all logins, actions, logout, and SMTP/FTP transactions.
> - It has Remote management access and rebooting capability.
> - It supports SNMP network management and monitoring tools.
> - And it can be configured to do ALL OF THE ABOVE at the same time!!!
> - Have I missed anything.......???
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