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Or you could do this?


On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 10:48 PM Charles J. Hargrove <n2nov at n2nov.net>

> The following was sent out to members of NYC-ARECS for our local system.
> I know that there are a few across NY State with similar ideas.  Let's
> share what we can with each other.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> For those who have expressed an interest in building out the NYC-ARECS
> BBS network across the five boros using Raspberry Pi computers, this
> tutorial from my friend John in Michigan will get you started.
> http://ares-mi.org/downloads/Packet/Configure_Personal_JNOS/html/index.html
> The particular IP addresses, DNS and routing info will come from me when
> you are ready.  Our plan calls for different 2 meter frequencies in each
> boro or section of a boro so that we can overlap coverage areas and not
> crash into each other.  Contact me directly when setting up your system.
> A 25 watt mobile radio with power supply and external vertical base
> antenna is what you need to set up to go along with your Pi computer
> and TNC (see https://tnc-x.com/TNCPi.htm).  Two TNCpi boards and an
> additional radio/antenna on UHF will be needed if you will also be
> forwarding data over the air to another node instead of using your
> internet connection.
> --
> Charles J. Hargrove - N2NOV
> NYC-ARECS/RACES Citywide Radio Officer/Skywarn Coord.
> NYC-ARECS/RACES Nets 449.025/123.0 PL
> ARnewsline Broadcast Mon. @ 8:00PM
> NYC-ARECS Weekly Net Mon. @ 8:30PM
> http://www.nyc-arecs.org
> NY-NBEMS Net Saturdays @ 10AM & USeast-NBEMS Net Wednesdays @ 7PM
> on 7.036 Mhz USB (alt 3.536)/1500 hz waterfall spot; MFSK-16 or 32
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