[HamGateNY] Where Did Everybody Disappear To?

Charles J. Hargrove n2nov at n2nov.net
Tue Nov 21 21:12:55 EST 2017

As a follow up, this is what is currently showing in AMPRHOSTS:	ke4fsk.ampr.org ke4fsk	n2nov.ampr.org n2nov	gw.n2nov.ampr.org gw.n2nov	kc2qhv.ampr.org kc2qhv	gw.kc2qhv.ampr.org gw.kc2qhv	wb2cmf.ampr.org wb2cmf	flexnet.wb2cmf.ampr.org flexnet.wb2cmf	wa2pnu.ampr.org wa2pnu	flexnet.wa2pnu.ampr.org flexnet.wa2pnu	n2tym.ampr.org n2tym	ne2z.ampr.org ne2z	k2put.ampr.org k2put	flexnet.k2put.ampr.org flexnet.k2put	border.kc2ugv.ampr.org border.kc2ugv	n2kgc.ampr.org n2kgc	flexnet.n2kgc.ampr.org flexnet.n2kgc	w2rgi.ampr.org w2rgi	flexnet.w2rgi.ampr.org flexnet.w2rgi

This is what is showing in the AMPR.ORG file:
border.kc2ugv          	3600	in	a	
flexnet.k2put          	3600	in	a	
flexnet.n2kgc          	3600	in	a	
flexnet.w2rgi          	3600	in	a	
flexnet.wa2pnu         	3600	in	a	
flexnet.wb2cmf         	3600	in	a	
gw.kc2qhv              	3600	in	a	
gw.n2nov               	3600	in	a	
k2put                  	3600	in	a	
k2put                  	3600	in	mx	1		n1uro
k2put                  	3600	in	mx	5		k2put
kc2qhv                 	3600	in	a	
kc2qhv                 	3600	in	mx	5		kc2qhv
ke4fsk                 	3600	in	a	
n2kgc                  	3600	in	a	
n2kgc                  	3600	in	mx	5		n2kgc
n2nov                  	3600	in	a	
n2nov                  	3600	in	mx	10		n2nov
n2tym                  	3600	in	a	
n2tym                  	3600	in	mx	5		n2tym
ne2z                   	3600	in	a	
ne2z                   	3600	in	mx	5		ne2z
w2rgi                  	3600	in	a	
wa2pnu                 	3600	in	a	
wa2pnu                 	3600	in	mx	5		wa2pnu
wb2cmf                 	3600	in	a	
wb2cmf                 	3600	in	mx	5		wb2cmf

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